Specifically designed for persons with limited or no technical background, the EDI BootCamp class covers everything you need to know to understand the process of becoming a supplier to a large retail client and plan a successful implementation. RFID, EDI, Labels, Barcodes, EPCs, Routing, Compliance, Chargeback tracking and how this all fits together is discussed in detail. Information and concepts are presented in an easy to understand format so that persons who are non-technical but willing to be detail oriented can picture how each piece works and how they fit together into an effective operational plan. You will be provided with tools, implementation guides, and the knowledge of how to use them. Presented from an operational rather than a technical point of view, this course will give you both the knowledge and a solid practical roadmap for successfully working with large retailers.

This course is for:

1) Retail suppliers who want to be ready for the new RFID/EPC retailer requirements. 

2) Business owners/CEOs who have not yet done RFID or EDI and want to plan for the 

     operational details and costs involved.

3) Businesses who wish to reduce the errors which result in chargeback

4) Training for in house person designated as EDI coordinator and
     compliance/chargeback-resolution manager. Such a person
     can generate 2-3 times their salary in improved cash flow.

This on-line course is presented by Fashion Business Inc. a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide training and resources for manufacturing suppliers to retail organizations. Classes are held monthly.  For date and signup info for the next scheduled class go to see "Upcoming Seminars and Events" and click on "Events Calendar".

If you would like to be notified regarding future classes, set up a class specifically for your organization (or simply have a question), send an email with contact info to Jim at