Reduce your training and support costs.

Many customers come to you for services which they know very little about. When things go wrong, they are unhappy with YOU even when the problem is a result of THEM not knowing what they are doing and/or need to do. 

Your already high training costs are rightly focused on getting customers up to speed on the details of how to use your service.  But they also need to know WHY each piece of the retailer compliance system exists and how those pieces fit together.  The EDI BootCamp course is designed to do just that in a non-technical way.   

The result is that you are now working with a customer who is knowledgeable instead of one who is always saying "WTF? Why do I need to do that?  Why can't I just do (this or that shortcut)?"  Your support costs go down, installs go more smoothly, and customer good will goes up because they appreciate your use of the EDI BootCamp course to get them up to speed and help them guard against chargebacks.

This on-line course is presented by Fashion Business Inc. a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide training and resources for manufacturing suppliers to retail organizations.  For details and signup for the next scheduled class see "Upcoming Seminars and Workshops" on the website [ www.fashionbizinc.org ].

If you would like to set up a special class presentation for one or more of your clients,
send an email with contact info to Jim at EDIBootCamp@gmail.com.